Prof. Dr. Marin Marinov

Prof. Dr. Marin Marinov

Dear colleagues and friends,

In my capacity as Chairman of the Bulgarian Society of Neurosurgery and on behalf of its Management Board, I have the pleasure to invite the Bulgarian neurosurgical community to participate in the XXVI National Neurosurgery Conference to be held in the period 19-21 October 2017. This year the organization of the event was assigned to your colleagues colleagues from the Neurosurgical Clinic of the University Hospital “St. Georgi “- Plovdiv, who chose the scenic Nessebar to be the venue of the annual event.

One of the scientific topics of the conference this year is the current state, novelties and problems of the neurosurgical diseases in children in Bulgaria – a subject that has not been yet presented on the agenda of our conferences. I hope that filling this gap will be of scientific interest and practical benefit for all participants in the event.

In the selection of the second main topic, we have been guided both by the exponential growth in recent decades of the operative activity of the Bulgarian neurosurgeons in spinal pathology as well as by the unsustainable penetration of the market by the system of modern spinal instrumentation systems and modifications, which has increased the examples of commercial, non-critical and uninterrupted use of the latter. All this makes it imperative to discuss the issues at the level of the National Society of Neurosurgery with the ambitious intention to develop expert recommendations, guidelines and algorithms of behavior in this important domain of modern neurosurgery.

Like every year, on the eve of the annual neurosurgical forum, I use the opportunity to urge participants, especially young colleagues, postgraduates and postgraduates to prepare their reports in the right printing format so that they can also be published in our magazine.

I wish you all a beneficial participation and many pleasant moments in the beautiful Nessebar!

Prof. Dr. Marin Marinov
Chairman of the BSNS