Prof. Dr. Borislav Kitov

Prof. Dr. Borislav Kitov

Dear colleagues,


It is a great honor and duty for me to address you as chairman of the Organizing Committee and Head of the Department of Neurosurgery at the Medical University – Plovdiv, on the occasion of the forthcoming XXVI National Conference on Neurosurgery. This scientific forum of the Bulgarian neurosurgical community will be held from 19-21 October 2017 at the Sol Nessebar Palace Hotel in Nessebar.

The main topics of the conference will be “Neurosurgical diseases in children” and “Spinal cerebral diseases”. I sincerely hope that during the XXVIth National Neurosurgery Conference, fruitful discussions and debates will be held that will allow us to reach consensus on the necessary algorithms of diagnostic and therapeutic behavior – indications of surgical treatment, optimal operational access, techniques and instrumentation, timing of implementation. In this way, we could unify neurosurgical treatment in our country, which will significantly improve the outcome of treatment, the satisfaction of our patients and will significantly reduce social costs.

The Scientific Committee retains the right to include in the program presentations and reports analyzing the results of retrospective and prospective studies of individual neurosurgical clinics and units.

All registered reports will be presented at an electronic poster session, with the poster making template available to all participants. The abstracts and the full text of the reports submitted in due time will be printed in a compendium.

I wish success to the conference participants and let our scientific meeting be fruitful!

Prof. Dr. Borislav Kitov

Neurosurgery clinic, University Hospital “St. George” – Plovdiv
Chairman of the Organizing committee