For the authors



The Organizing committee would like to publish a conference booklet with all submitted resumes and reports. For this reason please send your paper before September 15, 2017.

Instruction to the authors

The reports /or the resumes/ should be sent electronically to the following e-mail address:

The reports should be no more than 6 pages, while the resumes should be up to 250 words.

The structure of the reports should be the following:

–  Introduction, scientific aim and objectives;

–  Materials and scientific research method;

–  Results;

–  Conclusions.

All the reports and resumes should be provided in Bulgarian or English.

The title should be written with capital letters, without abbreviations.

Maximum number of authors should be up to 8.

It is mandatory that the name of the institution, where each of the authors work, is written clearly: clinic – hospital – city – country.

The text of the material, the references, tables and the supporting explanations should be written electronically, Microsoft Word format, letter size 12 and 1.5 lines interval.

Every author will receive verification notice that their report or resume is received.


All resumes and reports, which have been received on time will be published in a conference booklet. This booklet will be distributed upon arrival and registration at the event. This way there will be grounds for further discussions on the main topics of the conference.

Poster session

The electronic poster is like the traditional poster having the advantage of having it on a screen. The ePoster could include text, figures and images.

Please, create your posters on the following Template, considering the following requirements and criteria:

–  The ePosters will be put on vie USB.

–  Only posters in Powerpoint format will be accepted, .ppt или .pptx.,maximum 4 slides ( 1 slide introduction + 3 slides sci).

–  The slides should be on automatic next slide transition.

–  No sound will be reproduced.

–  There won’t be internet connection during the presentation.

–  Use high resolution images, for example 300dpi.

–  Refrain from using hyperlinks.

–  We recommend that you use simple, clear and easy to ready fonts, with a size of the main body not less than 29 points.

–  Please DO NOT change the template in the process of preparing your poster. ePosters different from the approved template won’t be presented.